Welcome to our parish

I hope our website will give you some idea of our parish life. We are a very mixed community of Catholics from numerous cultural and ethnic backgrounds, seeking to ‘live a life worthy of the calling we have received’. (Ephesians 4:1)

Any queries, please contact one of the Parish Team.

St Edward the Confessor Catholic Church

Serving the Golders Green area for more than 100 years

‘Come and see’ (John 1:39)

If you would like to know more about how we worship and pray, how we pass on our faith, how we support each other in friendship, how we look after the resources entrusted to us, how we reach out to the wider world. please come along to a Parish Council meeting. For more details contact Kasonde Konie (Parish Council Coordinator)

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  Mass Times

SUNDAY 9am, 10.30am, 12.15pm, 6pm

SATURDAYS 10am and 6:30pm (Sunday vigil)
HOLY DAYS Vigil 7pm Day 10am and 7pm

  Other Services

SATURDAYS 10.30am-11.00am, 5.30pm-6.00pm and on request.

SATURDAYS Rosary after 10am Mass
SATURDAYS DURING LENT AND ADVENT Watching before the Blessed Sacrament 5pm-6pm
Divine Mercy Chaplet and Adoration of the Blessed
Sacrament (holy hour) 3pm


Fr Tony Convery Parish Priest
Rev Anthony Clark  Deacon
Mary Whittle Jones Music Coordinator
Alvaro Scrivano Chief Catechist
Kasonde Konie Parish Council Coordinator
Marie Cooney Parish Secretary
All can be contacted on
Tel: 020 8455 1300

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St Edward the Confessor Roman Catholic church
700 Finchley Road , Golders Green.
London NW11 7NE
Tel/Fax: 020 8455 1300
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This week's news letter

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This Sunday's Reflection

20 August 2017                                    20th Sunday Year A


When we first start to read the pages of the bible we get the impression that God is dealing simply with the Hebrew nation. The early accounts tell us about the history of the Jews and how they were God’s promised people, living in a land given them when they were led from slavery. Not many other nations get much of a good press.

But the middle section of the Book of Isaiah, written much later by a distant pupil of the original prophet, (and sometimes called Deutero or Second Isaiah) starts to show a realisation that God has other plans. And in today’s first reading we hear very plainly that foreigners will be able to offer acceptable sacrifices to the Lord. This was revolutionary and revolting to some Jewish ears.

The idea that God does not limit his promises to just certain categories of people is known as Universalism and we see it once more today when Jesus speaks to the Canaanite woman. It’s not where she comes from that matters, her nationality is irrelevant. Jesus praises her for the quality of her faith and then he cures her daughter.

Nowhere in scripture can we find any evidence of God turning his back on someone just because they didn’t fit the bill. There is no support for a God who leaves people wanting when they call on him in good faith. In fact God exudes inclusiveness. God is a gatherer rather than a scatterer, an integrator rather than an excluder.

On Sundays we profess our faith during the Creed in a Church that is one, holy, catholic and apostolic. We may be a migrant community; we may be a settled suburban group worshipping in a parish that has been established for years and years; we may be multi-racial; we may be all one colour or a rainbow of faces.

But what unites us is that we are baptised members of a “catholic” Church. And catholic means nothing more than universal. The opposite of catholic is not Protestant. The opposite of catholic is exclusive. So if we’re ever tempted to feel that our congregations are becoming too varied, or to hive ourselves off into some sort of sub-group then we have lost a grip on our catholicity.

I want “foreigners” to come and place their gift on the altar, says God through Isaiah today. And, of course, we are somebody else’s foreigner!

Foreigners’ holocausts and sacrifices will be accepted on my altar, for my house will be called a house of prayer for all the peoples.                                                (Isaiah 56:7)

Parish Notices

20 August 2017           20th Sunday Year A


 First Holy Communion and Confirmation: registration forms for these two sacraments for next year are now available in the porch and should be returned by 10th September.

Charity Money: The parish has some funds available, which must be used for charitable purposes. If any parishioner would like to nominate a charity for a small grant (£100-£200), please write to Fr Tony with details by Sunday 17 September.

READ OF THE MONTH for August is Pathways to God: A guide to the practice of silent prayer by Fr Paul Nicholson SJ.  A short summary can be found in the newsletter.

This booklet will be available on the window sill near the CTS stand for £1 each during August.

Next weekend the Little Sisters of the Poor will be making an appeal on behalf of their work for the sick and elderly.


Upcoming Events

Sunday: Appeal

The Little Sisters of the Poor will be making an appeal this weekend on behalf of their work for the sick and elderly

9:00 am Church

Sunday: Foodbank

Parishioners are encouraged to bring along imperishable goods to any Mass to help the Food bank at St Mary’s, East Finchley

9:00 am Church

Saturday: Visiting group

12:00 pm Parish hall

Saturday: Altar Servers practice

The altar servers meet to practise on the second Saturday of the month at 4pm in the church

4:00 pm Church

Welcome to our parish website

ste-fr-tony-370x370I am very pleased to welcome you to our parish and I hope our website will give you some idea of our life and activities.

We are a very mixed community of Catholics from numerous cultural and ethnic backgrounds. Some of our parishioners have lived here for many years, others have joined us more recently from other parts of the world, indeed from every continent.

Golders Green itself is home to a large Jewish community, and we have a close and growing relationship with our local synagogue.

It is also a multi-faith area and our parish is very involved in Churches Together and Inter Faith Groups.

You are very welcome to join us at any of our Masses and services. If you are here for the first time do come and introduce yourself to either myself, the parish priest (I am usually in the porch before and after each Sunday Mass so that parishioners can make easy contact with me), or the parish Deacon who is present at the Saturday evening, and Sunday morning Masses. We will be delighted to meet you. Our coffee morning in the hall after the 10.30 am Sunday Mass, provides a great opportunity for you to meet other parishioners.

If you are new to the parish, you may like to register your details by way of our parish registration form.

May God bless you.

Fr Tony Convery
Parish Priest