Welcome to our parish

I hope our website will give you some idea of our parish life. We are a very mixed community of Catholics from numerous cultural and ethnic backgrounds, seeking to ‘live a life worthy of the calling we have received’. (Ephesians 4:1)

Any queries, please contact one of the Parish Team.

St Edward the Confessor Catholic Church

Serving the Golders Green area for more than 100 years

‘Come and see’ (John 1:39)

If you would like to know more about how we worship and pray, how we pass on our faith, how we support each other in friendship, how we look after the resources entrusted to us, how we reach out to the wider world. please come along to a Parish Council meeting. For more details contact Kasonde Konie (Parish Council Coordinator)

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  Mass Times

SUNDAY 9am, 10.30am, 12.15pm, 6pm

SATURDAYS 10am and 6:30pm (Sunday vigil)
HOLY DAYS Vigil 7pm Day 10am and 7pm

  Other Services

SATURDAYS 10.30am-11.00am, 5.30pm-6.00pm and on request.

SATURDAYS Rosary after 10am Mass
SATURDAYS DURING LENT AND ADVENT Watching before the Blessed Sacrament 5pm-6pm
Divine Mercy Chaplet and Adoration of the Blessed
Sacrament (holy hour) 3pm


Fr Tony Convery Parish Priest
Rev Anthony Clark  Deacon
Mary Whittle Jones Music Coordinator
Alvaro Scrivano Chief Catechist
Kasonde Konie Parish Council Coordinator
Marie Cooney Parish Secretary
All can be contacted on
Tel: 020 8455 1300

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St Edward the Confessor Roman Catholic church
700 Finchley Road , Golders Green.
London NW11 7NE
Tel/Fax: 020 8455 1300
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This week's news letter

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This Sunday's Reflection

11 November 2018                  Thirty Second Sunday Year B


When the man at the checkout apologised to the woman for giving her so many coins in her change the woman said “No, that’s fine. I need some small change for Church tomorrow.” The supermarket cashier looked surprised but the woman didn’t notice.

In the Temple the coin boxes were made in the shape of a horn or trumpet. People queued up and then threw their coins in. You could tell what they gave by the sound that the noise made. The two coins that the widow put in were called “lepta” which means “thin”. They were the smallest denomination of currency. But they were her last.

Jesus doesn’t condemn the rich people who put in more money than the widow, but he does praise her for her wholehearted generosity. For there is one important difference between them: the widow didn’t give the leftover money she had; she gave all that she had. The rich people could afford to put in more but she couldn’t. She gave to God all that she had and then simply trusted that God wouldn’t let her down and would take care of her (like the widow in today’s first reading from the Book of Kings).

This gospel is not intended to accuse us of being stingy with our donations to the Church collection (though that might be true too!). Rather it serves to point out the difference between “what” we give and “how” we give it. The widow made her donation not out of guilt or fear but because she was in love with God. Nothing of what she had was to be held back from God.

Anyone can serve God from their surplus. What counts, though, is serving God when it means making a sacrifice. And this applies to all areas of our religious practice, not just money. Are we prepared, like the widow, to place ourselves entirely in the hands of God or do we need some form of safety net, just in case? Is the practice of our faith unconditional or do we hold back? In fact, is it possible to serve God and yet keep a nest-egg held in reserve?

Apparently not, says Jesus. And so he was unconcerned by the smallness of the widow’s mite but mightily impressed by the way she gave it.

This poor widow has put more in than all those who have contributed to the treasury…all she had to live on.                                                                                    (Mark 12: 42-44)

Parish Council News

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Parish Notices

11 November 2018    Thirty Second Sunday Year B


Armistice Day Churches Together in Golders Green are celebrating this 100th Armistice Day in our church this Sunday at 3pm followed by refreshments in parish hall. All parishioners are welcome: please come along and make our visitors from seven other Golders Green churches welcome too.

Interfaith Week The annual Barnet Multi Faith Forum meeting is at 6.30 this Tuesday 13th November at Hendon Town Hall. All welcome.

Parish Council meets this Thursday, 15th November, at 8pm in the parish hall.

READ OF THE MONTH for November is 'Stories of the Great War' by Eileen Boland. A short summary can be found in the newsletter. The booklet will be available on the window sill near the CTS stand for £1 each during November.

Children’s Christmas Party: we hope to hold a parish party for our children this year. A preliminary meeting to plan the event will be held next Saturday at 4pm in the parish hall. Please come along if you would like to be involved.

The annual collection for the Sick & Retired Priests Fund takes place this weekend.


Upcoming Events

Sunday: World Day of the Poor/MItzvah

The World Day of the Poor coincides with with the Jewish Mitzvah day. Some of our parishioners will be going to the synagogue this Sunday morning to help prepare some meals for Barnet Homeless Action.

9:00 am Church/Alyth Synagogue

Sunday: Advent workshop

This Sunday there will be an extended Sunday school as part of our Advent Project. The children will be joined in their groups by their families to prepare for Advent, followed by a shared lunch together in the hall.

11:30 am Parish Hall

Sunday: Blessing of burial plots at Golders Green Crematorium

We will have a short ceremony in the church at 3pm followed by a visit to the Crematorium to bless the burial plots for those who wish this.

3:00 pm Church

Welcome to our parish website

ste-fr-tony-370x370I am very pleased to welcome you to our parish and I hope our website will give you some idea of our life and activities.

We are a very mixed community of Catholics from numerous cultural and ethnic backgrounds. Some of our parishioners have lived here for many years, others have joined us more recently from other parts of the world, indeed from every continent.

Golders Green itself is home to a large Jewish community, and we have a close and growing relationship with our local synagogue.

It is also a multi-faith area and our parish is very involved in Churches Together and Inter Faith Groups.

You are very welcome to join us at any of our Masses and services. If you are here for the first time do come and introduce yourself to either myself, the parish priest (I am usually in the porch before and after each Sunday Mass so that parishioners can make easy contact with me), or the parish Deacon who is present at the Saturday evening, and Sunday morning Masses. We will be delighted to meet you. Our coffee morning in the hall after the 10.30 am Sunday Mass, provides a great opportunity for you to meet other parishioners.

If you are new to the parish, you may like to register your details by way of our parish registration form.

May God bless you.

Fr Tony Convery
Parish Priest