Welcome to our parish

I hope our website will give you some idea of our parish life. We are a very mixed community of Catholics from numerous cultural and ethnic backgrounds, seeking to ‘live a life worthy of the calling we have received’. (Ephesians 4:1)

Any queries, please contact one of the Parish Team.

St Edward the Confessor Catholic Church

Serving the Golders Green area for more than 100 years

‘Come and see’ (John 1:39)

If you would like to know more about how we worship and pray, how we pass on our faith, how we support each other in friendship, how we look after the resources entrusted to us, how we reach out to the wider world. please come along to a Parish Council meeting. For more details contact Kasonde Konie (Parish Council Coordinator)

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Welcome to our parish website

ste-fr-tony-370x370I am very pleased to welcome you to our parish and I hope our website will give you some idea of our life and activities.

We are a very mixed community of Catholics from numerous cultural and ethnic backgrounds. Some of our parishioners have lived here for many years, others have joined us more recently from other parts of the world, indeed from every continent.

Golders Green itself is home to a large Jewish community, and we have a close and growing relationship with our local synagogue.

It is also a multi-faith area and our parish is very involved in Churches Together and Inter Faith Groups.

You are very welcome to join us at any of our Masses and services. If you are here for the first time do come and introduce yourself to either myself, the parish priest (I am usually in the porch before and after each Sunday Mass so that parishioners can make easy contact with me), or the parish Deacon who is present at the Saturday evening, and Sunday morning Masses. We will be delighted to meet you. Our coffee morning in the hall after the 10.30 am Sunday Mass, provides a great opportunity for you to meet other parishioners.

If you are new to the parish, you may like to register your details by way of our parish registration form.

May God bless you.

Fr Tony Convery
Parish Priest

Mass Times

  Mass Times

You can watch our Masses and daily reflections on our YouTube Channel. Follow This link:
St Edward the Confessor Daily and Sunday Mass.
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As well as envelope & cash donations you can also send us your donations via the following buttonMake a donation using Virgin Money Giving


There are three Sunday Masses each week at 10am, 12noon and 6pm. For these Masses, it is necessary to BOOK by clicking on the Mass you wish to attend:

Click here to book the 10am Mass for Sunday 16th May

Click here to book the 12noon Mass for Sunday 16th May

Click here to book the 6pm Mass for Sunday 16th May

We have resumed weekday Masses at 10am on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

Each weekday we are offering a daily broadcast with prayer and a gospel reflection.

The broadcast of the Sunday Mass will be available from Saturday evening. These can all be found on our YouTube channel.

A rosary group meets on Tuesday each week at 7pm. https://us04web.zoom.us/j/75311892635?pwd=OC8xaFZZZUx2amt3OFhCd09QWC80dz09

Meeting ID: 711 3775 6138
Passcode: Wx48sB

Confessions can be arranged directly with Fr Tony: 020 8455 1300

Parish Notices

9 May 2021             Sixth Sunday of Easter Year B

Mass Intentions

Sunday 9 May Sixth Sunday of Easter Year B

YouTube Mass: People of the Parish

10am:               Guy Edirimanasinghe RIP

12noon:             Aurelio Campa RIP

6pm                  Deacon Anthony thanksgiving

Monday 10 May   10am John Darby RIP
Tuesday 11 May 10am Kate Charles, thanksgiving RIP

Thursday 13 May THE ASCENSION 10am Bob Charles RIP

Friday 14 May      ST MATTHIAS     10am Charles Sagayam RIP

The foodbank collection continues on Sunday 8am-1pm and 5-6pm. Items requested this weekend: cartons of long-life juices (not refrigerated ones), Healthy snacks - packets of dried fruits, oat biscuits, and popcorns, & toothpaste.

Public Masses: there are now three Masses each Sunday at 10am, 12noon and 6pm. Remember that you need to book attendance via the website.

Thursday evening Zoom 13 May at 8pm.  Covid Island Discs - Deacon Anthony talks to Kasonde.

https://us02web.zoom.us/j/89091558469?pwd=MDcrd2dYb3BxOHlJS2M3bnR3WVVXdz09  Meeting ID: 890 9155 8469 Passcode: 940983.

On Thursday we celebrate the feast of the Ascension. Mass at 10am.

What matters to you? The week 10-16 May is Dying Matters Week and the hospices and GPs in Barnet have produced a video and arranged a web meeting with three local doctors on talking to people and recording What Matters to them. The zoom is from 2pm to 3pm on Tuesday 11th May and to be admitted go to https://dmaw2021.eventbrite.co.uk/ Poster in the porch.

Do take care, and enjoy the week ahead.

Contact Us


Fr Tony Convery Parish Priest
Rev Anthony Clark  Deacon
Mary Whittle Jones Music Coordinator
Alvaro Scrivano Chief Catechist
Kasonde Konie Parish Council Coordinator & Parish Hall Manager
All enquiries about the parish hall should be sent to: kasondekonie@rcdow.org.uk
Please do not phone the parish landline

Marie Cooney Parish Secretary
For general enquiries Email: goldersgreen@rcdow.org.uk or Tel: 020 8455 1300 or 

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St Edward the Confessor Roman Catholic church
700 Finchley Road , Golders Green.
London NW11 7NE
Tel/Fax: 020 8455 1300
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This Sunday's Reflection

9 May 2021           Sixth Sunday of Easter Year B


Religious people often see non-religious people as outsiders. This no doubt stems from the fact that to espouse a religion is no light matter; it means taking a step that is the basis of our whole being and orientation. For religion is a life option not a leisure activity.

In the Old Testament the Jewish people considered themselves to be the chosen people of God to the extent that they kept clear of all dealings with the “nations”, the surrounding peoples and cultures. When prophets like Isaiah came along and in God’s name foretold that all these pagan nations would be welcome to offer worship on the holy mountain of Jerusalem, it profoundly shocked the religious sensitivities of their audience.

In the New Testament Peter makes an astounding discovery: that God has no favourites and that anyone who tries to do God’s will is acceptable to God. This comes after thousands of pagans have listened to his preaching and have received the same Holy Spirit with which he himself has been anointed.

Things haven’t changed that much. We have an inbuilt tendency to think of those who do not share our faith as being on a different plane to us. Yet one thing is clear: God gives his Spirit to anyone he thinks is striving to do his will. And this should make us stop and think: we have no monopoly on truth and goodness. While we know that our Church possesses the gifts of the Holy Spirit, it is patently obvious that the Spirit blows through Jewish people, through Muslims, through Buddhists and Hindus….in fact, even through those who do not even believe. For all goodness and truth comes from God.

Living our faith in the power of the Spirit is a real challenge, because it dares us to look at our surroundings and discern the people and events that God is using today to speak to us. And of course sometimes these people and events are the last ones we would ever expect to be mouthpieces of God. But when it comes to choosing people, God has no favourites. Anyone who strives to do his will is acceptable.

The truth I have now come to realise is that God does not have favourites, but that anybody of any nationality who fears God and does what is right is acceptable to him.        (Acts 10:34-35

Upcoming Events

Thursday: Parish Zoom meeting

Thursday evening Zoom 13 May at 8pm Covid Island Discs – Deacon Anthony talks to Kasonde.
https://us02web.zoom.us/j/89091558469?pwd=MDcrd2dYb3BxOHlJS2M3bnR3WVVXdz09 Meeting ID: 890 9155 8469 Passcode: 940983.


8:00 pm Via Zoom