CHILDREN’S CHRISTMAS PARTY – our 2nd year. Once again it was a smash hit! The children enjoyed themselves thoroughly even though everything was done in a rush with the time frame we had. Food was plentiful and delicious. Many thanks to all those who brought food to share and special thanks to our Filipino Group (Rowena Ledesma, Melissa Lovedorial, Michelle de Castro, Vangie Bisnar, Thes Baustita, Lina Corpuz, Sherly Sarabia, Chiqui Diokno, Virginia & Emerson Isidre) who organised the event with food and games for the kids. Also thanks to Ron James for being D.J. and Randy de Castro for taking photos and Deacon Anthony Clark for being Santa. Yours truly was once again the Elf. Coffee morning ran at the same time which was hectic. The only disappointment was that some parents came with 3-4 children but only contributed one present towards the Secret Santa sack, which left about 8-9 kids with no presents. Fortunately, we had some extra prizes reserved for the games which we gave these children so that they would not leave empty handed, We hope this will not be repeated again next year. Photos courtesy of Randy de Castro and picked at random.

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