CHURCH OPENING – FOR PRIVATE PRAYERS ONLY. Our church will reopen ONLY on Sundays for private individual prayers as follows: Sunday 21st June 2020 8:30-1:00pm, from Sunday 28th June 2020 8:00-1:00pm and every Sunday thereafter. There will be NO Mass as this is prohibited. The Diocese together with the Government have set out guidelines for us to follow. The maximum number of people allowed in the church at any time is 25. If the numbers reach 25 and there are people waiting, there will be a time limit of 15 minutes to pray. There will be stewards (volunteers) to guide you on entering. Hand sanitizers and gloves will be provided. We recommend you wear face masks for your own safety. For those with underlying health issues, please follow the rules set out by the Government for your own safety. Please abide by the rules if you want to pray. Thank you and God Bless.