Liturgical Ministries

Special Ministers of the Eucharist: There are currently more than 50 parishioners who serve in this way. If you are interested in ministering contact: Fr Paul

Readers: Around 30 parishioners read regularly at our Sunday Masses. If you are interested in ministering contact: Paul Davis

Choir, Musicians & Cantors: A choir sings at the 10.30 Sunday Mass, and cantors assist at 12.15pm and 6pm Mass. If you want to join the choir contact: Mary Whittle-Jones

Altar Servers: Two teams serve alternately at the 10.30 Sunday Mass, and individual servers assist at other Masses. If you are interested in serving contact: Genevieve Ozor

Mass greeters: Parishioners serve as greeters as the congregation gathers for Mass, helping with Mass leaflets, hymnbooks and newsletters. If you are interested contact: Fr Paul