PANCAKE NIGHT – our 3rd year into it and once again a success. 100 tickets were issued but roughly 15-17 people didn’t turn up due to illness or last minute commitments. A big ‘Thank you’ to our main chef, Marielle Yap, who made 200 pancakes plus 1-1/2 litres of batter for our Sous Chefs (Alan Brudney, Karen Miyasaki and Rowena Ledesma) who made the rest of the pancakes in medium ad small sizes. Thank you to all the attendees who brought the fillings/toppings and to Maggie Kolecka, Rosita Stanfield, Hilary Funston and Shahnaz Alfaioli for helping to set up. Last but not the least, a big thanks to the attendees who volunteered to clear up at the end. What a wonderful lot we have!!! As our main photographer could not attend due to work, here are some photos taken by yours truly.

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