Past Events

Tuesday: Staff meeting

8:00 pm Presbytery

Armistice Day: Churches Together in Golders Green are celebrating this 100th Armistice Day in St Edward the Confessor with an ecumenical ceremony at 3pm followed by refreshments in the parish hall. All parishioners welcome, and we hope to make our visitors from seven other Golders Green churches welcome too.

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There are currently more than 80 retired and ill priests being supported by the Sick and Retired Priests’ Fund. Please take a donation envelope and bring it back with your contribution. If you pay tax, you can add 20p to every £1 that you give – at no extra cost to you – by completing the Gift Aid declaration on the back of the envelope.

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The altar servers meet to practise on the second Saturday of the month at 4.30pm in the church

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Saturday: Visiting group

12:00 pm Parish hall

Sunday: Foodbank

9:00 am Church

Parishioners are encouraged to bring along imperishable goods to any Mass to help the Food bank at St Mary’s, East Finchley

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On Sunday 28 October Mary’s Meals will have a large van to collect your unwanted clothing and bedding (no duvets or pillows, please). Remember to put all clothing etc. in black sacks and bring them with you when you come to Mass that morning. This collection will apply to the Sunday morning only, before the 12.15 Mass, and not on Saturday or Sunday evening

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Tuesday: Baptism session 2

7:30 pm Parish hall

Second of two sessions for parents to prepare for their child’s baptism

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